Our Mission

Here at Falkenstien Family Show Goats, we specialize in breeding show goats with strong genetics and potential.   

We strive to push and improve our genetics each year.  We have found the use of AI breeding along with an embryo transfer program helps achieve this goal.  We have worked with industry leaders Paul Hamilton from Australia and Earl Peacock from Central TX to utilize both surgical and transvaginal AI techniques on our highest quality donor does.  Embryos are placed into good milking recipient does increasing our over-all number and quality of offspring.


The 2018 kid crop is out of a variety of bucks leased from Schrank/Bean Show Goats.  All of these bucks were in their working clothes, and they did work as they were hand bred to our synchronized, cycling donors.  That being said, we have no new pictures to add.  We do have some Hoss babies and are happy to say Brillhart Show Goats are excited to have some kids out of Hoss also.  Be sure to check these out.

Bucks used:

Shrank/Bean 5602 - out of the popular Shrank/Bean 3624 and a Pfeiffer Doe

Shrank/Bean 5814 - out of the Clone buck that Mock raised and owned by 7T7

Shrank/Bean 6701 - out of Chubby Chaser owned by 7T7



This buck has proven that he can get results.  We raised this buck in 2015. He adds bone, muscle, and rib shape and we are excited to use him for our 2017 kid crop.  Fowler 2088 x Helms Doe 3486.


X Factor

Sire of the 2016 Kansas Junior Livestock Show Reserve Grand Champion

We purchased half interest in this buck in 2014.  Being Lot #1 on the Extreme Wether Sire Sale in 2012, he had already proven to add rib shape and forearm.  We raised numerous replacement does out of him, and he was sold in 2016 but we retained semen for our use in some of our most promising does.


Schrank 5705

This buck was leased to us by David Garrett following our summer 2016 flush to clean up – truly a blessing.  Long necked, up-fronted, hard muscled, and tight hided, this guy was the complete package to enhance our Helms’ daughters.   Schrank 1703 x Schrank 8504.