2018 Sale Dates are set on  March 12, April 2, and April 16.  We are excited about this set.  Look for pictures closer to the time of sale.

Spring Sale

Here at Falkenstien Family Show Goats, we specialize in breeding show goats with strong genetics and show ring potential. We are committed to helping you with the care of your goat, from start to finish. We enjoy teaching others what we have learned about show goats and ways we have been successful.  We are dedicated to helping you with your success in the show ring, but also to helping you and your family learn about how to best care for your goat.



These are prices from last year's April sale and the state that purchased the goat.


Lot #1G264

(Schrank 5705 x Prostock B221) DOB 1-14-17

sale price $750 Kansas

Lot #2 G250

(Schrank 5705xPfeiffer 2042) DOB 1-7-2017

Sale price $1000 Kansas


Lot #3 G254

(Schrank 5705 x Beast Daughter) DOB 1-9-2017

Sale price $600 Kansas


Lot #4  G268

(Hoss{Fowler 2088}xCalifornia doe) DOB 1-22-2017

Sale price $600 Kansas


Lot #5  G247

(Schrank 5705xPfeiffer 2018) DOB 1-4-2017

Sale Price $580 Colorado


Lot #6  G248

(Schrank 5705 x Pfeiffer 2018) DOB 1-4-2017

Sale price $1000 Kansas



Lot #7 G206 (Hoss{Fowler2088 x LRP 541) DOB 11-28-2016

Sale price $1230 Kansas


Lot #8 G213 (Schrank Gator x Schrank 527) DOB 12-5-2016

Sale price $635 Kansas


Lot #9 G207 (Schrank GatorxSchrank 527) DOB 11-30-2016

Sale price $1150 Iowa


Lot #10 G220 (Schrank 5705 x Helms 3525) DOB 12-5-2016  

Sale price $575 Iowa