Falkenstien Family Show Goats

Falkenstien Family Show Goats 2016 Kansas State Fair

Building Champions

Final 2018 Sale Date set on OklahomaShowGoats.com: 

May 15. 

These will be primarily Feb. born wethers.  We are offering two with a buck option.  Lindsey and Michael Thomasson (Lindsey Pease) has four of her best wethers consigned on this sale.  This is an exciting set.  Check them out!


Our Start

Falkenstien Family Show Goats began out of our family's love for raising goats and helping others succeed. Raising goats has become our family business. Rich, Melissa, Erin, Luke, Trace and Jaci are all involved. 

Our Promise

In order to fulfill our love of helping others, we are dedicated to assisting the buyer with their animal, even after it has left our farm. Along with a purchase of a well-bred animal with strong genetics, we offer consultation to the buyer of proper feed methods and care of the goat.  We can start with tips on how to lead and clip your goat and work up to preparing for a show day.  Our goal:  to help you through the process of raising your goat so that you can be as successful as possible.

Our Experience

Our family farm has been in the livestock business for four generations. This is a passion we have passed on to our own children who, alongside us,  are invested in this endeavor. You can expect to see "all hands on deck" in the barn most days with the goats, as we each have a part in our family business.  We have been successful in the show ring, and we are here to help you with your own showing success.